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Ru Ceramic Teapot White Crackle 700ml 2 Cup Tea Pot with Infuser for Loose Tea MZLSVJOUD

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  • £22.71
  • £39.86
  • Availability: In Stock

WHITE RU CERAMIC TEAPOT - Hand Fired using traditional Chinese Ru Ware Kiln and techniquesBEAUTFUL CRACKLE GLAZE DESIGN - Toughened, heat resistant top layer of glaze locks in the Crackles to keep them free from impurities.700ml CAPACITY - Easily serves 2-3 standard sized cups. Includes removable STAINLESS STEEL INFUSER strainer for loose teaEXCELLENT POURER - no drips, easy to clean. Dishwasher Safe (Top Shelf).CAREFULLY PACKAGED in Kraft gift box with protective inserts.

This stunning white crackle glaze teapot is hand fired using an ancient ceramic technique known as Ru Ware that was originally used to create Chinese porcelain for the Imperial courts of the Song Dynasty. After firing in a Ru Kiln, the unique crackles are created when the middle layer of glaze is cooled and contracts faster than the teapot body. A top layer of heat resistant and toughened glaze is then applied to ensure the crackles always retain their clean appearence and are protected from any impurities. Our Ru Crackle teapot has a maximum capacity of 700ml and is perfectly sized to serve 2-3 large cups. It also includes a removable stainless steel infuser to brew all types of loose leaf tea. The teapot measures 23cm from spout to handle and 12cm high. This teapot is a particulary good pourer due to its timeless shape and is sure to be the centrepiece of any dining room table. The teapot comes very carefully packaged in an attractive box with protective inserts and is top shelf dishwasher safe. A box set of 4 matching ceramic cups is also available from The Exotic Teapot on (see separate listing)

Ru Ceramic Teapot White Crackle 700ml 2 Cup Tea Pot with Infuser for Loose Tea MZLSVJOUD

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